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2010-10-27 23:18:36 by omendesigns

I'm not dead....really!


Ominous Update No. 2: New projects...

2009-10-03 22:37:28 by omendesigns

Well... it's been a while... Firstly, I have to say lol...

Secondly: I have finally started a flash project: The ALPHAPOCALYPSE v2
This is a recreation of a project I did last year in computer animation, in Director MX... it sucked, so I'm redoing it in flash... basically, aliens invade and start dropping large letters on the earth to the alphabet song... sound fun? yeah...

Additionally, I am working on the Newgrounds Medals Wiki! I stole the page from n00bman, after he never logged in... I do need your help, however: This project is too big for just one person, I need help to get it up to the standards I hope for. Please sign up today and help the cause...

(aka MedicusFletus)

PS: Credz to Spitfire265 for the image I found on google and modified... thanks...

Ominous Update No. 2: New projects...

well, I guess I missed another timeline... I just can't seem to get the last few songs I need done... I did revisit ((KAoSS)) yesterday, and it sounds relatively decent, but honestly, the drive's just gone... lol well, my venting's done with now

In some other related stuff, I got a new book yesterday... I'm already done with it...
it is the most bizarre book I have ever read...
check it out here..

I need some names... Kinda sad loop's just not a very good name... lol... any suggestions?

Ah well, whatever...

here's the status of ((EMOtION))
1.((EMOtION)) /Dance-y 15%
2.((UnWind))(v2) /Ambient 99% (final touches, such as minor timing issues)
3.((FinalHour)) /Techno 99% (changing track sound, because chd. prg. is too loud)
4.((KAoSS)) /DnB 60%
5.((UnWind))Finale /AmbientTechno 70% (remastering almost finished)
6.((FinalHour))Remix /Orchestral 50%
7.((VICtORY)) /Unknown(most likely AmbientTechno) 0%

3 others: 0%(I may use kinda sad loop as buildup for something though...)

um... that's about it... I can't think of anything else

for the lulz...
((EMOtION)) OD2008 WILL release sometime before 2009... lol

((EMOtION)) OD2008

2008-09-25 20:26:32 by omendesigns

My first official album, set to release Nov. 20, 2008(possible delays may ensue, depending upon how fast I can make my last 3 songs I need to put on there)

Current Lineup(Subject to change at any moment)

1.((EMOtION)) /Dance-y
2.((UnWind))(v2) /Ambient
3.((FinalHour)) /Techno
4.((KAoSS)) /DnB
5.((UnWind))Finale /AmbientTechno

6.((FinalHour))Remix /Orchestral
7.((VICtORY)) /Unknown(most likely AmbientTechno)
3 or more songs unknown to both you AND me

I'll post the album artwork here as soon as I create it... generally, it has the camicon02(OD LOGO) init...

Else to decide later...

Gonna prolly sell the album, I know youre thinking "why is he selling ng music?", but I am remastering all the original songs, and putting things never before heard on here... I'm still only considering it tho

for the lulz

-Join The Madness- sanity
DO IT NOW!(please?)

EDIT: Oct. 20 was a little overzealous... i'll try nov 20

EDIT 2: Have a picture of good ol' Honest Abe... lol

((EMOtION)) OD2008


2008-09-13 00:00:14 by omendesigns

gonna happen soon... gonna be in a new style I like to call ambient-techno... gonna start a music series in that style... keep looking for ((UnWind)) Finale, ((DeLux)), ((Kaos)), ((Reflection)), and more...

lolz and such
--Omen Designs

OD2008((EMOtION)) also coming out soon
the ((UnWind Series))
((KAoSS)) -- OD does drum n bass
more songs I never put on Newgrounds...

Finally, OD Does Flash, will he crack under the pressure? Find out next month!


check meh forum

2008-07-12 14:03:49 by omendesigns

Join the madness y

Happy 4th, all

2008-07-05 14:29:08 by omendesigns

well it was great... I took lotsa pics, but I think this one was the best...

heres all the pics I took in a slideshow...

Happy 4th, all


2008-06-09 20:52:50 by omendesigns

Sometimes I make myself lol...


Help Please!

2008-05-27 16:19:00 by omendesigns

Can somebody please help me name my songs? A New Song is just not a good name... Also, there is the whole "nameless song" thing... HELP PLZ!!

you can has new OD logo... :)

Help Please!


2008-05-18 17:03:10 by omendesigns

there's nothing to do anymore... No new ideas for music, and bored endlessly... SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! ANYONE?! lol... Anyway, check out lolninjas soon...